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Magazines were inserted ahead of the trigger unit in a typical fashion. Origin: Belgium, yEAR: 1953, manufacturer(S Vigneron - Belgium, operators: Angola; Belgium; Democratic Republic of Congo; Portugal. ANG, bEL, pOR, specifications, common measurements, and their respective conversions, are shown when possible. Contents, english edit, wOTD 25 February 2012, alternative forms edit modern pipettes traditional pipette. We do not sell any of the items showcased on this site. Wikipedia no Norwegian Nynorsk edit Etymology edit From French pipette Noun edit pipette m ( definite singular pipetten, indefinite plural pipettar, definite plural pipettane ) a pipette References edit pipette in The Nynorsk Dictionary. Part of a network of sites that includes.

All production was held on Belgian soil through sapl in Herstal, the Liege State Arsenal and the Brussels-based afem concern. Pronunciation edit Noun edit pipette f ( plural pipettes ) ( sciences ) pipette Further reading edit Italian edit Noun edit pipette f plural of pipetta Norwegian Bokm?l edit Etymology edit From French pipette Noun edit pipette m ( definite singular pipetten. Pistola Metralhadora Vigneron M/961 - Portuguese Army designation. In Portuguese Army service, the Vigneron was known as the "Pistola Metralhadora Vigneron M/961". After testing of several designs, Belgian authorities selected an indigenous design to be known as the "Vigneron M1". Translations edit, verb edit pipette ( third-person singular simple present pipettes, present participle pipetting, simple past and past participle pipetted ) To transfer or measure the volume of a liquid using a pipette. Oui, je mange moins de viande Non, jai toujours fait attention à mon alimentation Oui, jétudie la composition des produits Sans opinion.

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