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Gorilla slitasje kupongi

gorilla slitasje kupongi

one right there that one. What it is what it do what the fuck's up? All hits we goin' skip the come. I don't do this for fun, i do this so my blood pump. Heard a little birdy listen, tell say. Pucker up boy I fix the stutter. Said I swim in the sound. Show hard might so my left nut Might go raw dont use protection Guess what we ain't even got tha cheques yet My best yet hope I dont get arrested. I tend to see a coffin Every time I get up on the mic and thats often Yall should prob take my advice and keep walking Deuce seven three in this bitch white chocolate Bust! Felly, i like this soft shit, daaaamn, verse 2: Felly. Ya get scared, just a block downtown. I don't fuck with your sister, brother, talk shit, you can kiss the gutter.

gorilla slitasje kupongi

Unter den Brillen sind Sehhilfen genauso wie Sonnenbrillen ohne St rke.
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Kan ikke kombineres med andre tilbud eller rabatter inntil den.
I wouldn't descend into a bestial state and prowl the shadowed streets of nightmare America preying on the weak who stray too far from the herd.

I'm going big tomorrow, at seven ten gonna tighten the load, meditate wake up with the sun. Young Gyyps be the wicked drummer. I got love for the girls in the crowd. Getting lost in the marijuana clouds. Only thing more raw is the shit I put out. Verse 1: Felly, yeah, uh, coming out the house to a pack of that loud. Hey don't look down, homie don't look down. This shining you're a movie star. I came through with the nunchucks. You no dealer, my crew iller.

Asking Gypps what I'm doing now. And what I'm doing now? Yo Fel, get the girls with the boobies out. A go-getter, a gorilla, a trendsetter, got vendettas with dope dealers with no fillings, i don't feel those who claim they're the best ever. Throw fists been a cage bird inside a dog pound.