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Rabatt golf 7 r400

rabatt golf 7 r400

, the front wheels transfer most of the propulsive power, while the rear axle is decoupled. Specifically, there are two polished tailpipes with a diameter of 110 mm, which are spaced 200 mm apart from one another and extend slightly upwards. There is white ambience lighting around the door accents and the stainless steel door sill plates. The tyres are also the same on both cars: 235/35. If the ESC button is held down zalando norge rabatt more than three seconds, the system is fully deactivated for professional drivers on a race course.

The "400" in Golf R 400 stands for its power of 400. 400 stands for 400 PS (294 kW). R 400 exterior, side profile. Design of the Golf R 400 was customised to a great extent.

But the potential of the Golf which made its debut exactly 40 years ago and developed into one of the world's most successful cars enables even further extensions to the limits of what is feasible in sporty performance. Sport suspension and new wheels. "R" badges are embroidered in the leather on the backs of the front grand theatre de rabat skyscrapercity seats. The system is activated via a two-stage switch on the centre console. Since the wing element protrudes somewhat further forward, this gives it a progressive three-dimensional appearance.

Compared to the 221 kW / 300 PS Golf R, the Golf R 400 develops 100 PS more power, thus providing 295 kW / 400 PS (at 7,200 rpm) which is 200 PS per litre of engine displacement. Design and technology of the Golf R 400 is based on motorsport.